I am an artist and urban sketcher.

During a visit to the Rijks- and Van Gogh museum, my eyes were opened to the possibilities of on location drawing. Ever since I have been dedicated to seeing and experiencing more of my environment, by capturing it on paper and canvas. These artworks range from nature and city landscapes to expressing the beauty in everyday domestic scenes. Through the interplay between line and shape, colour and emotion, I want to invite the viewer to look deeper and find meaning and beauty in the mundane.

I work in a variety of wet and dry materials, from watercolour and acrylic paints to inks, markers, coloured pencils and wax pastels, deriving energy from experimenting with different materials. My sketchbooks play a vital role in my practise, counting many of my sketchbook works as final pieces.

My work is influenced by my background as a jazz vocalist, with regards to reharmonisation, improvisation and pattern. Interpreting what I am observing and expressing it in a way that is true to my experience. The Western European art of the early 20th century also counts as an important influence in my work.

I am an active member of the Urban Sketchers Netherlands and derive joy from sketching with others, always encouraging more people to try out urban sketching.

Nino van Vuuren